National Refinery Limited

New CUIN Registration number 0001747 NTN-No 0711325-7

Future Plans

Refinery projects involve huge capital investment and accordingly after the approval of brownfield refining policy, your company is evaluating its upgradation projects’ under the prevailing circumstances given the incentives allowed under the policy. These upgradation projects include:

Hydrocracker / Bottom of Barrel upgrade
Upgradation aiming to convert Furnace Oil to value added products requires a huge capital investment. Therefore, your company along with other refineries had jointly undertaken a study for the feasibility of a joint plant. The study was awarded to M/s Advisian of UK. However, based on the study, the joint project for hydrocracking of furnace oil of all 5 refineries is not considered feasible. However, your company is studying and evaluating other options which would partially reduce the production of Furnace oil and convert it to value added products. However, such investment would be considered after evaluating the incentives provided in the Policy.

CCR (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) Platforming Unit
To increase the Gasoline production and to meet the country’s Gasoline Euro-V specifications, Company is considering installation of a CCR (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) Platforming unit along with other associated units. The project is in planning phase and will be finalized after assessing the impact of incentives provided by the Government in the brownfield refinery policy.

Turnaround of Lube-II Refinery
Company would be undertaking the turnaround of Lube-II Refinery in 2023-24, which was planned to be completed before June’23 but could not be executed due to LC opening issues causing delay in import of required spares. This will result in continuous production of plant at optimum level without frequent maintenance requirements.